Shopify is Partnering with Enterprise Retailers like Banana Republic

Exciting News! Shopify is Partnering with Bigger Retailers like Banana Republic for the Upcoming Holiday Sales Season! 

I recently came across an interesting article on Modern Retail, revealing Shopify's strategic move to collaborate with bigger enterprise clients ahead of the holiday season. One of their latest partnerships is with none other than Banana Republic!

As part of this collaboration, Shopify will power Banana Republic Home's omnichannel experience, including their e-commerce website and managing their retail locations in the U.S. Moreover, Banana Republic Home has migrated some of its retail stores to the Shopify point-of-sale system, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers both online and in-store.

What's more fascinating is that Shopify's chief revenue officer, Bobby Morrison, shared that this partnership could potentially extend beyond Banana Republic Home to the flagship fashion and apparel business. They aim to demonstrate the power of Shopify to Banana Republic in a unique way, paving the way for further opportunities between the two brands.

With a strong focus on enterprise clients, Shopify reported a 34% increase in its point-of-sale pro subscriber base during the third quarter. This growth can be attributed to the scalability of Shopify's retail channel and its ability to attract major omnichannel retailers. Brands like Oak + Fort, Paige Denim, and Buybuy Baby have also recently started using Shopify in their retail stores.

For those unfamiliar, Shopify has been actively positioning itself as an ideal choice for enterprise retailers. In fact, a study conducted by a reputable consulting firm earlier this year revealed that Shopify's conversion rate surpasses competitors like Salesforce CommerceCloud and BigCommerce.

This collaboration with Banana Republic Home is seen as a stepping stone for Shopify to enter the enterprise market through a subsidiary, with the potential to prove its worth to larger parent organizations. Shopify's ease of use and ability to handle different inventory catalogs make it a perfect fit for brands looking to explore new avenues.

Overall, this move signifies Shopify's commitment to supporting larger retailers during the holiday sales season. By leveraging its unified commerce platform and pointing out the advantages of its retail channel, Shopify seeks to redefine the future of e-commerce for both enterprises and customers alike.

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