Shopify Unite 2019 Recap

Online Store

A new online store design experience

New online store design experience will make it easier for merchants to create and customize their storefronts without writing a single line of code.

Sell in multiple languages

  • Translations API: Enables read/write translations for buyer facing content like products, blog posts, pages, etc. Learn more.
  • Shop Locale API: Manages which alternate locales are published/unpublished. Alternate locales can be language or language-region (ie. French, French Canada, English UK, etc.). Learn more.
  • Translations in GraphQL Admin API: Non-translation apps that only need to read translated content (for example, email marketing) will be able to access translations via our GraphQL Admin API. Learn more.

Checkout app extensions: Subscriptions

Buyers will no longer be routed outside of Shopify’s checkout to complete their transactions. Developers will be able to integrate their subscription apps into the checkout experience, surface their app’s information into Shopify’s checkout, and give merchants the ability to process transactions for subscription goods and services within one seamless checkout experience.

Build better brands with Video and 3D

Later this year, the Video and 3D update to the product section of the Shopify Admin will become available to all merchants, and will natively support video and 3D model assets for products. Storage, delivery, and access through both the Shopify Admin API and Storefront API will become available. 

Selling in multiple currencies with Shopify Payments

To address this, Shopify launched the ability to sell in multiple currencies with Shopify Payments to Plus merchants in October 2018. Shopify announced that they are starting to roll out this ability globally to all Shopify merchants

Shopify POS

POS cart app extensions: Loyalty and promotions

n today’s retail landscape, customers expect to feel appreciated when they shop. It’s no wonder loyalty apps are some of the most popular POS apps.

Starting today, retailers can see loyalty and promotion details directly in the cart without having to click away, making checkout faster and easier for their staff and customers.

The all new Shopify POS

Shopify shared with the Shopify Partner community an advanced preview of the all new Shopify POS—a ground-up redesign, where apps get first-class treatment.


Fulfillment APIs

Currently in beta, this new Fulfillment API enables app developers to give their users more control and visibility into order fulfillment. Some of the new offerings unlocked by this API are multi-location order fulfillment, improved visibility into the fulfillment process for merchants, better communication between the app and merchant, and even the ability to decline a fulfillment request.

Delivery Profiles API

Help Shopify businesses optimize their checkout experience and get more sales by setting per product and per location shipping rules with the new Delivery Profiles API.

Order Editing APIs

The new order editing features of the GraphQL AdminAPI will enable apps to add, remove, or replace items before the line item has been fulfilled, offering merchants more post-purchase flexibility and ensuring customers get exactly what they want.

To see more, read the Here’s Everything We Announced at Shopify Unite 2019  

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