Shopify Subscription is here (Almost)!

Shopify to allow apps to integrate with Shopify Checkout using the new Shopify Subscription APIs.

At their October 8, 2020 Partner Town Hall, Shopify shared more details about Shopify Subscription (the "native" Shopify offering to manage subscriptions). With the latest update, we now have a clearer date when merchants will be able to process orders for Subscription products using Shopify Checkout. That date is set for 2021.

Highlights of Shopify Subscription APIs

  • Build on Shopify Checkout. Build subscription apps that are native to Shopify Checkout. Focus on improving the subscription buying and management experience on top of Shopify’s fast and reliable checkout.
  • Fully integrate with Shopify. With subscription orders created and managed by Shopify, your app remains compatible with platform features (like Shopify Payments, shipping, discounts, reporting, etc.) and the entire app ecosystem. 
  • Solve for emerging merchant needs. Power new business models not yet available on Shopify. While selling subscription products is a known merchant need today, our new APIs are built to empower you to create new ways of selling for tomorrow.

For all the details regarding Shopify Subscriptions, read the details here

Below is an interring demo (provided by Shopify)

Shopify Subscription demo

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