How we help WOMANCE launch SECOND HAND

Fast Fashion's rapid production and consumption cycle contributes to environmental degradation, exploitative labor practices, and unsustainable consumer behaviors, posing significant challenges to sustainability and ethical standards in the fashion industry. WOMANCE is a global lifestyle brand that was founded in 2015 by Andréanne Marquis with t...
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How Pascha Chocolate lunched a new shopping expereicen in less than 30 days, right before Black Friday

NEAT ECOMMERCE, was tasked by Pascha Chocolate, an organic, plant-based, low-sugar chocolate products company, to migrate to a new Shopify theme in less than 30 days, in time for Black Friday.

To respond to Pascha Chocolate's needs and the limited time and budget, we customized a certified Shopify theme to match their branding and business requirements. Ultimately, we delivered the project on time and on budget with a redesigned experience that increased sales and average order value by 15% and uplifted 20% in return customers.
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